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Unspoken Sexual Preferences:
A Touchy Subject

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Fulfilling unmentionable desires

Although we like others to think of us as being decent, upstanding people, let's be honest: Many of us have baser desires and needs-that-cannot-be-mentioned.  These articles discuss how to fulfill these desires while maintaining our dignity.

A woman can't go to a dating site and search for "Hairy chested men with tight butts", and a man can't search for "Shaved women with nipple piercings".   Nor can they see those features in profile photos... so how exactly do they find what they want?

The articles below explain how to meet the one you are really looking for.


Benefits of having a bisexual partner

Marriage at record lows. Divorce near record highs. Many want more than just one lifetime partner, while avoiding jealousy. Here's the solution.

Anonymous nude dating

A dating site should meet all of your needs, not just the politically-correct ones. Save time by only matching with those who are physically compatible!

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