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Mind & Body Compatibility Through Nude Dating!

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by Darren Craig
on January 17, 2023
(updated January 1, 2024)

Dating sites and the taboo

The first step in seeking a partner is deciding who we would like to meet — our match criteria.  We then find a dating site/app where we can enter these criteria to narrow down our choices.

But here's the problem...

While many of our criteria relate to age/height/weight, core principles, location, lifestyle choices and personal history, some are more carnal in nature.

Woman swimming next to iceberg, only her head visible above the water

Dating sites ignore body features as if breasts, butts, labia, and penises don't exist – and no one would care about their size or shape even if they did.  Of course they exist, and many people are interested in their characteristics!

What is a profile photo?

A profile photo is the tip of an iceberg, the part we can see.  The rest is a mystery hidden beneath depths of clothing and swaddled in political correctness, only to be discovered when you dive into the Sea of Desire.

A sea captain navigates icebergs with sonar to see what he's getting himself into.  Why should dating be any different?

At Barely Dating we understand that people have specific desires when it comes to their partner's anatomy, and that sexual compatibility is a large part of overall compatibility.

Shhh!  Don't talk about it!

Signpost showing

It is interesting to watch relationship experts avoid the topic of sexual attraction while opining on the perfect match.

They talk about moral compatibility, having similar interests, sense of humor, health habits, money management, outlook on life, matching intelligence levels, emotional intelligence levels, arguing styles, political views, religious views, family goals, matching personalities, smoking/drinking/drug habits... everything *except* what actually brings people together: physical and sexual attraction!

What is the average man more likely to say to his friend?

  1. "Look at her!  She looks very intelligent and I'll bet she wants a family in the future."
  2. "Wow, nice ass!  I'd really like to get to know her!"

What is the average woman more likely to be whispering to her female friend as she looks at him?

  1. "I think he'd be a good father, knows how to balance a checkbook, and would never hurt me!"
  2. "I'll bet he's good in bed!  Look at that bulge hahaha!"

It's time to stop pretending

People know what they really want... but they can't talk about it in public, or to a prospective date, not even on a dating site, because it's "rude", "perverted", "uncouth" or "immature".  At the end of the day, however, they still want what they want, and they won't stop just because society frowns upon it.

Successful dating is all about honesty.  If we lie to ourselves and others right from the start about our baser desires, how can we expect to find a 100% compatible match?  There is nothing wrong with seeking a petite non-drinker with no kids who also happens to have large areolas.

12 opened unlabeled tin cans containing various foods

A woman might tell her friends she likes blue eyes and strong shoulders, when secretly she's also hoping for a guy with a large, uncircumcised penis.  Why should she go through a repeating cycle of hope and disappointment?  Does she buy 12 unlabeled cans in the supermarket and hope that one of them contains peas?  Why can't she be clear from the outset and get what she wants the first time?

That is why this site,, exists: to cater to the needs of "ass men", "boob men", "leg men", "tattoo men" and similar categories of women.  For women, who tend to be more coy about their anatomical preferences, only crude terms such as "crotch watcher" or "package inspector" exist, but rest assured that they, too, have specific preferences for chests, shoulders, penis size, butts, thighs, backs, hair, piercings, etc.

Meet your perfect all-round match

Sign saying

Barely Dating allows anyone to anonymously view and rate both nude and non-nude photos of potential dates.

Nude photos are optional.  They are stored in a separate database under encrypted names, and do not include identifying features that would link them to their non-nude counterparts, such as a face or common background.  Each user's photos are randomly mixed with thousands of others, further guaranteeing complete anonymity.

When two users anonymously rate each other's photos highly, they are matched and able to contact each other.  Even though no photos are shown in their profiles at this point, both users can rest assured that when they first meet in person – and perhaps intimately when the time is right – they will be very happy with their choice.

At any time, either side of the match can choose to reveal or hide their non-nude and/or nude photos.  There is also an "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" feature for the bashful.

Barely Dating features all of the usual search filters such as Age, Height, Location, Smoker Status, and Number of Children.  It also boasts filters that are rarely (if ever) available on other dating sites, such as Body Build, Dietary Strictness, COVID-19 Vaccination Status, and Political Leaning.

Silhouette of couple shouting at each other

Those last two filters are particularly important in 2024 as many people become more polarized by ideology: the vaccinated often don't want to date the unvaccinated (and vice versa), and hardcore Conservatives and Liberals are often on the road to Breakupville before they even turn on the ignition!

By ensuring that a couple match on all important criteria – ideologically, physically, recreationally, and sexually – we leave only the chemistry unknown.  No dating site can guarantee that a couple will have chemistry; the only way for them to find out is to meet in real life and spend time together.

Why not give it a try?

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