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The More, The Merrier:
Non-Traditional Relationships

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Not carrying on the Family Tradition

Your grandparents definitely didn't; your parents might have; your children quite likely will... how about you?  Will you dare dabble in a non-monogamous relationship?

If the idea of "happily ever after" with just one person feels a little too... traditional... then welcome to the exciting world of alternative relationships, where the rule book is getting a serious rewrite.  Forget about white picket fences and one-partner-for-life fairy tales; it's time to embrace a love life that's as unique as you are.

As cultural norms crumble around us and the previously unacceptable becomes acceptable, many are finding that the heart wants what it wants, and it wants more than one.

There are several ways to break free of the monogamous mold and discover the relationship that fits you, not just the romantic ideal that was drummed into you from an early age.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities, where variety isn't just the spice of life, but the main course?


Benefits of having a bisexual partner

Marriage at record lows. Divorce near record highs. Many want more than just one lifetime partner, while avoiding jealousy. Here's the solution.

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