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Unvaccinated Dating:
Chemistry Without Drugs

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by Suzanne Copeland
on August 19, 2023
(updated January 1, 2024)

The rise of unvaccinated dating

Our last article discussed dating for the vaccinated.  The other side of the coin is, of course, unvaccinated dating.

Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers saying 'UNVACCINATED!'

Vaccinated singles seek vaccinated partners for reasons such as shared values, health and safety, and peace of mind.  Ironically, many unvaccinated singles seek unvaccinated partners for the same reasons.

Is vaccination status a deal-breaker?

For many it is.  Phrases like "No shot?  No date!" and "Vaxxed?  No thanks!" are seen increasingly in dating profiles.

COVID-19 and the subsequent 'vaccine' has caused the appearance of a new dating niche for unvaccinated individuals.  While many are concerned about the dangers of not being vaccinated, others are concerned about the dangers of being vaccinated.

What is unvaccinated dating?

Unvaccinated dating services cater to those who have received zero doses of a COVID-19 vaccine for whatever reason.  It is a controversial subject, and some app stores have even banned apps for the unvaccinated.

A divisive topic

Some argue that this is a dangerous trend that can increase the risk of spreading vaccine-preventable diseases.  Others respond that vaccines may in fact be causing more harm than the diseases they are supposed to prevent.

Many agree that it is good to separate groups that hold completely opposite views in order to avoid conflict.  By having different dating sites, or search criteria related to vaccination status, this separation can be achieved.

Why would anyone seek unvaccinated singles?

Aside from immediate vaccine side-effects, many believe there could be more serious long-term issues:

  • Infertility, miscarriages, birth defects
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Blood clots, heart damage
  • Cancer
  • Premature death
  • Vaccine shedding
  • Permanent changes to DNA, perhaps for generations to come
Woman with raised hand refusing syringe held in a doctor's gloved hand

These concerns may or may not be supported by future research.  Nevertheless, many want to avoid the risk of having a partner who develops serious illness or is unable to have healthy children.

Other reasons for not being vaccinated include preexisting medical conditions or religious beliefs.  Some simply do not trust "hastily-developed, untested injections that billions were bribed or coerced into taking."

The decision to only date like minds is just as valid for unvaccinated individuals as it is for the vaccinated.  Since both sides of the debate often prefer their 'own kind', the only challenge is filtering them in a dating app.  Barely Dating can do just that.

Essential for unvaxxed daters

Because most people are vaccinated against COVID-19, finding an unvaccinated date can seem like finding a needle in a pincushion.  Unvaccinated dating platforms play a vital role for those who wish to avoid vaccinated partners.

Financial status, smoking habit, drinking habit, diet and vaccination status selectors

With roughly 80% of the population vaccinated, the unvaccinated find themselves rejecting most matches on conventional dating sites.  Worse still, if vaccination status is not shown, they will find themselves repeatedly having to ask.

A meeting place for like minds

We all have certain preferences for a partner.  Some of us seek nonsmokers, the highly educated, or those without children.  Others prefer large breasts, hairy chests, or the unvaccinated.

It is always more enjoyable to interact with like minds and freely express one's opinions without fear of repercussions or judgement.  Niche dating sites, such as the one you are reading, provide this type of environment.

Although it may seem shallow to focus on 'minor' issues while dating, incompatibility tends to be amplified over time.

For example, a woman who at first thought nothing of her partner being a smoker eventually becomes annoyed by this habit.  A man who thought vaccination status wasn't important starts having doubts when his partner cannot become pregnant.  A man who prefers large breasts but chose a flat-chested woman for her sense of humor eventually becomes frustrated.

Many will agree that, if two people are incompatible, it is better that they break up sooner rather than later.  Ideally, they never start dating at all, and instead spend their time with someone more compatible.

Why share vaccination status while dating online?

Man with arm around woman walking along grassy river bank, both wearing gas masks

As with many issues, there are two sides to this debate.  Those in favor say that sharing your vax status

Those opposed say that it

  • can lead to discrimination or judgement
  • excludes matches who are otherwise compatible
  • is a personal matter that should not be required for dating

We at Barely Dating see no point in arguing because the solution is so simple.  People who don't care about vaccination status can continue dating online as they always have.  Those who do care can use dating apps that take vax status into account.

The role of dating apps in the vaccine era

Chubby man with mustache wearing outdoor jacket and red tie in 1980s video dating profile

Life used to be simple.  Before the Internet there were matchmaking services with books full of photos and, later, shelves of VHS tapes with video introductions.

The arrival of the Internet gave birth to basic online dating services in the mid-1990s.  The next 25 years saw a rapid growth and evolution of dating apps.

For a while things settled down.  Singles were happily swiping and messaging, meeting life partners, having one-night stands, and everything in between.

Then came 2020.

Suddenly, a significant rift emerged centered on personal beliefs, concerns regarding safety, and trust in conventional medicine.  History has witnessed numerous divisive issues, but few have affected so many, so much, as the COVID-19 vaccine.

Combining by dividing

Online dating platforms tend to adapt quickly to new trends.  Concern over vaccination status and the related issue of political polarization are no exceptions.  Some couples, no matter how sexually or emotionally compatible they are, were never meant to be.  Bringing people together in 2024 sometimes means dividing them first.

Predicting overall compatibility

Man and woman holding guns, buying vegetables at a market

People who agree on one topic are more likely to have the same views on others.  Unvaccinated people are more likely to be 'Trump supporters' and own guns.  Vaccinated couples are more likely to attend LGBT and climate change rallies.

There are, of course, exceptions.  Perhaps you are an unvaccinated vegan who owns guns, pooh-poohs climate change, and wants a border wall?  In this case you need to be more specific with your match criteria!

A game of chance... and adventure

Online dating does not guarantee either success or genuine, accurate profiles.  People lie, pretend, and embellish, and there's no way to avoid it.  That wonderful American woman's profile you are reading might belong to a man in India.  That tall single man might turn out to be short and married.

How can you tell if someone is unvaccinated?

It is easy to verify that someone is vaccinated: Ask for their photo ID and vaccination certificate.  Verifying someone's 'unvaccinated' status, however, is much more difficult.  Although rare, some do lie about their vaccination status.  If trusting someone isn't enough, lab tests may be able to reveal blood abnormalities caused by the vaccine.

Asking a trick question is another possibility.  For example, I've had one vaccine but count myself as being unvaccinated since I'm not boosted, how about you? or I'm not vaccinated yet, but thinking about it... and await their response.  Tip: Be sure to get their phone number or email address first in case they block you on the dating app!

Happy dating!

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